IceLand Food!

Here in IceLand there are many deleicous food to eat!

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What food is IceLand known for?

Here top 3 popular food known in IceLand!

1. Yogurt

IceLand is known for a type of yogurt called skyr,is technically a type of soft cheese made from jellylike milk curds.People in Iceland eat this type of yogurt with different fruits.

2.Smoked Lamb

Smoked lamb is delicious! It can keep you warm and full through the harsh winters.The lamb is smoked with birch then boiled and served with peas, mashed potato, and a white sauce called uppstufur.

3.Dark Rye Bread

This bread is also called "rugbraud".People in IceLand make this type of bread by baking it in a pot and burying it near by a hotspring.And It's usually eaten as a side dish with fish.